Your story is gorgeous, unique, and totally yours. 

That's what I'm here for.

I love deep conversations, scrapbooking, reading, chosen family, cabins in the woods, wildflowers, and all the odd little ways love makes itself known. These things speak to my soul.

I want to get to the soul of your story in candid, emotional images that stand the test of time. Photos that make your heart sing, bring tears to your eyes, and get you through the hard times.


I’m allergic to small talk...

I prefer the juicy, deep stuff. The stuff that makes us tick. The stuff that connects us; the stuff that makes us human. I like to challenge the status quo. I’m aggressively uninterested in trends or being cool or attempted perfection or “likes” on social media. I’m wholly interested in people’s stories. Their passion. Their vulnerability. Their connection to other humans.

Hot, tender moments make my heart flutter.

Joy-filled dancefloors make me cry. Beautiful, heartfelt toasts get seared in my brain. My skin tingles at every wedding, anticipating a million tiny moments I get to capture – moments you’ll see with fresh eyes and realize how deeply, uniquely loved you are.

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I’m a Connecticut
based wedding and
portrait photographer.





Candid photos for
down-to-earth human beings.